Le Sueur Manufacturing Company, Inc.
The Company History of a Family-Owned Corporation

Jack E. Le Sueur, 1942
Jack E. Le Sueur, born in 1920, was the founder of Moisture Master™ Company, which was chartered by Alabama laws on February 14, 1955 as Le Sueur Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Jack Le Sueur began working at the early age of fourteen years old at U.S. Steel. At first U.S. Steel had no interest in hiring such a young man, but that did not stop Jack Le Sueur. He would not take "No" for an answer. He covertly entered the office buildings of U.S. Steel and began searching for the most professional office he could find. This bold young man entered an office, without invitation, and asked the gentleman behind the desk for a job. A job was granted to him for 25 cents per hour, based on his confidence and spirit alone.

From 1938 to 1939, Jack Le Sueur was employed at McConnell Engineering Company. He then became employed at the Tennessee Coal and Iron Company. From 1942 until 1945, Jack LeSueur enlisted in the United States Army and became a Technical Sergeant in the Signal Corps. Upon his honorable discharge, he used his G.I. Bill to further his education in electronic engineering. He returned to the Tennessee Coal and Iron Company and worked in the electrical department. At this time, Mr. Le Sueur also held part-time employment in the engineering and construction of WVOK and WEDR radio stations in Birmingham, Alabama for Pilot Broadcasting Company. In 1952, Jack Le Sueur left the Tennessee Coal and Iron Company and became employed with Hays Aircraft Corporation. While employed with Hays Aircraft Corporation, he was approached by Hercules Powder Plant to be one of their consulting engineers. This would provide the capital to start what would become Le Sueur Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Le Sueur Manufacturing Company, Inc. had its humble beginning as Jack Le Sueur sat at his kitchen table and designed his first electronic moisture control system to repay a favor to an old friend. His friend owned a concrete block manufacturing plant and needed a system in place that would accurately measure and dispense the correct amount of moisture as concrete block was being produced. The electronic moisture control system worked so well that Mr. Le Sueur instantly knew there was a viable need for this type of equipment.

Sam Le Sueur, Jack Le Sueur’s son, had been introduced to the concrete industry at the early age of twelve. Sam took a tremendous interest in electromechanical systems. He began his education in industrial electricity at age eighteen. After several years of holding a license in this industry, Sam Le Sueur progressed into industrial electronics and even further into electronic engineering. Anxious for a challenge in addition to electronic control systems, Sam Le Sueur, along with scientists at a major research hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, took on research, development and manufacturing of automated tissue slicers for cancer research. He has also been involved in the research, development and manufacturing for new types of surgical instruments to facilitate spinal column reconstruction.

Sam Le Sueur's interests are very diversified. Even though his major focus has been with electronic moisture control systems, he has been fascinated with astronomy since the age of five. In 1992, he developed and manufactured a permanent mounting pier for telescopes (Astro Pier), which improved the repeatable pointing accuracy of robotic telescopes for college, university and government research. While working with a physicist from a major Florida university, this product line was modified and expanded to include high-end production telescopes, such as the Schmidt-Cassegrain and Maksutov-Cassegrain.

In 1984, Sam took over as president of Le Sueur Manufacturing Company, Inc. Sam Le Sueur continues to progress with the same fundamentals as his father and builds the best electronic moisture control systems using generous amounts of military-grade components. Consequently, Le Sueur Manufacturing Company, Inc. has the distinction of being the longest-running manufacturer of this type of equipment for the concrete industry.

The motto that Jack E. Le Sueur created, "Built to a Standard, Not to a Price," continues to be the same in which Sam Le Sueur stringently follows today. As Sam Le Sueur states, "We never wanted to be the biggest, just the best."

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