The Model 1015-FX2 has the same capabilities of the Model 1015, with the addition of special extra remote formulas. These extra remote formulas, unlike our standard additional formulas (see optional equipment), give the ability to operate the moisture control from locations other than the control room. These remote formulas can be used at point of pour, such as at a pipe machine. The Model 1015-FX2 is perfect for a concrete manufacturing operation that uses one mixer to supply two different pouring stations. This gives the operator at each pouring station the ability to change his own water setting independently. The operation of the additional formulas can be selected automatically by the automation or through other means. In order to operate, only one terminal on the auxiliary terminal block is required to have voltage applied and removed to select between remote formulas. The extra remote formulas are furnished in an LP mount Nema 4 enclosure and provides the operator, in addition to a final-wet vernier dial, water and water-not flowing visual indicators as a source of notification when his batch has water-cycle in progress and water-cycle completion.


Accuracy Graph
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Theory of Operation
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We offer a range of options to cater to your specific production requirements.

  • Auto Water Reset The Auto Water Reset (referred to as AWR) automatically starts the final-wet water immediately upon completion of the pre-wet water cycle. This is a desirable time-saving option for ease of interface with today's automation systems. The AWR option is integrated internally within the electronic moisture control unit. In the event in which plant production requires pre-wetting of lightweight aggregates before discharging cement, the AWR may be disabled via its own power switch. Under these conditions, the final-wet water may be started by other means -- automatically by the automation or manually if desired. When used in this manner, heavyweight and lightweight concrete can be produced from the same mixer. This option is available for all of the Model 1015 series.

  • Multiple Formulas The Multiple Formula Feature option enables the production of up to ten different batch formulas, which require different final-wet water settings. These formulas may be preset for each batch formula and selected at random, either manually or automatically. This eliminates the need for resetting the electronic moisture control unit's final-wet dial when batch formulas are changed. This feature has proven to be a saver of material and time, therefore customizing your moisture control system to your plant's specific needs.

  • Over-wet/under-wet Warning System The Over-wet/under-wet warning system may be incorporated into either the Model 1020 or Model 1015 series. This option allows the control room operator to set parameters for too wet or too dry of a batch. The parameters work independently of the electronic functions of the moisture control. The Over-wet/under-wet warning system operates a pair of Form C contacts (with a contact rating of 3 amperes at 120 volts AC), which can be used to interrupt the concrete mixer pneumatics, preventing the dumping of a bad batch, and also to sound an alarm for batches that are too wet or too dry. This option is a good safeguard device in the event of materials process error, such as improper weigh up or improper discharge of materials into the mixer that would result in an alteration of batch formula.

  • Remote Display The optional Remote Display unit may be used at point of use, rather than in the control room. This allows a machine operator to have a visual readout, which matches the readout of electronic moisture control unit. This Remote Display unit displays water flowing and water not flowing indicator lights. The display unit is also equipped with a remote water start for use in the event that a batch may be put on hold. This will enable the user to do a recheck of the final-wet water provided the electronic moisture control unit is being used in the Remote position.

  • Slump Controller The Slump Controller option is an economical method of adding additional water to enable the manufacture of slump concrete. This is a desirable option for the manufacture of dry and wet cast from the same mixer. The operation of this controller is actuated upon completion of the electronic moisture control's final-wet water. This equipment is also useful in the manufacture of wet cast only, using the Le Sueur electronic moisture control to accurately repeat a semi-dry mix, thus enabling the production of accurate and consistent slump concrete. This device automatically dispenses the correct amount of water, eliminating the need for additional interfacing with automation systems and eliminating the need for additional plumbing.


  • Temperature Compensation All Model 1020 series and 1015 series moisture control units are equipped with a temperature Compensator selector switch. This became a standard component of our equipment at the end of four years of intensive research. The Temperature Compensator sensor is mounted on the mixer and insulated from ambient temperatures. The purpose for this device is to compensate for the increased demand for water, which is dictated by the increased hydration of cement as the temperature rises. This device also works both ways. Should you have a decrease in temperature, it will automatically deduct the correct amount of water without the need for an operator to adjust the final-wet vernier dial on the moisture control.

  • Probes Le Sueur Manufacturing Company manufactures probes and electrode liner plates to fit over 100 different types of mixers. Our probes are specifically engineered to match the demands of our electronic moisture control systems. Le Sueur Manufacturing Company makes several different alloys of probes and electrode plates. Our softer surgical steel is excellent for use in rotating pan mixers. Because of this steel's inertness of alloy, material stick is eliminated and it holds up well against galvanic corrosion. The life expectancy for a probe using this alloy is up to 20,000 batches. This probe is also available in high-alloy, heat-treated tool steel and has a life expectancy of approximately 60,000 batches. The life expectancy of all our ni-hard probes and electrode plates is 250,000 batches, as indicated by the batch counters of our customers.

  • Water Manifolds Water manifolds at Le Sueur Manufacturing Company are custom built to meet the water requirements of all mixers and materials. All of our water manifolds have adjustable pressure regulators, which allow the custom tailoring of water demand with respect to absorption. These water manifolds have one inlet and one outlet for ease of installation, even though most are split into two separate stages, pre-wet and final-wet. Our two-stage water manifolds are designed to deliver a rapid coarse water and a slow trim water. This will enable the user to accurately and consistently repeat a given percentage of moisture by weight.

Our moisture control systems are covered by a one-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Service Units
Service units are available for a small daily rental charge and can be shipped via air freight to almost any city in the U.S. in just a few hours. This will keep loss of production to a minimum in case of difficulties.

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