The economics of modern concrete plant operation demand increased quantity and quality production... possible only with precision automatic controls. The Moisture Master™ is an electronic control unit designed to help solve most of your mixing problems.

Le Sueur Moisture Master™ Products:

Model 1020A Complete

Model 1015 Complete

Model 1015-FX2 Complete

Specifically designed to control semi-dry mixes used in manufacturing pressure molded concrete products, the Le Sueur Moisture Master™ is installed in the leading Automatic Batching Equipment.
  • Eliminates Spoiled Batches-Increases Daily Output
  • Maintains Uniform Texture and Strength of Product
  • Easily Installed... By Your Own Mechanic
  • All Parts Furnished-Electronic Control Unit, Temperature Compensator, Electrode Plates, Pressure Regulated Solenoid Valve Assembly and Instructions

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