When you purchase a Le Sueur Manufacturing Company moisture control system, you are receiving equipment from a company that is the longest-running manufacturer of equipment of this type. Our longevity is a testament to our affordability, quality, and service, in short, the value that we offer.

Le Sueur Manufacturing Company is the producer of what is widely regarded as the most affordable and accurate moisture control system available. While protecting your bottom line from product losses, our systems are among the most economical to operate and maintain. The cost allocation for purchase and operation, per batch over the first five years of use, is less than the price of a pound of cement. However, as a prevention against loss of product and production, the Le Sueur Moisture Control System will pay for itself within the first 30 days of operation.


The unsurpassed design and the high standards to which we adhere in the manufacturing of our equipment assure quality. Proven dependability and repeatable accuracy demonstrates the quality of our products.

Quality assurance is guaranteed by design. Incorporated into our equipment are numerous electronic components manufactured to our strict tolerances and specifications. These components surpass various military specifications. In addition, the electronic environment into which these components are designed is specially engineered and manufactured by us in our facilities. This ensures component integrity.

Dependability is evidence of quality. Le Sueur moisture controls have a history of dependability. Some of our electronic moisture control units have been in service for as long as 30 years. It is not uncommon for the electronics to be in use for seven to ten years without needing to be sent in for service or repair, making our electronic control systems virtually the most dependable controls of this type.

Accuracy is also evidence of quality. Le Sueur moisture controls have a history of accuracy, as well. The accuracy of our electronic moisture controls is 1/20 of one percent. This places them well within the accuracy restrictions set forth by the U.S. Bureau of Standards for electronic processing controls. Certificates of calibration are available upon request to help you meet your inspection needs, whether it is D.O.D., D.O.T., N.R.C., or state and local municipality moisture requirements.


With our manufacturing facilities located in Birmingham, Alabama, our North American customers, in addition to enjoying an excellent response time for replacement of wear components, can easily access our rapid-response team of in-field service personnel for assistance in installation and on-site set up as well as technical service. When on-site technical assistance is not required, we have available a stock of service machines that you may use in the event your machine needs maintenance.

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